Investment Themes

Data and Artificial Intelligence

Innovations in data management and data science are having a major impact on the financial services industry. SII looks to capitalise on the gains made in both of these fields with a particular focus on advisory services, sales acceleration, risk management, analytics tools and technology infrastructure.

Open Banking and Networks

Increased device and application connectivity and incoming regulations are changing the landscape, giving a central role to open banking and client networks. SII is particularly interested in multi bank platforms, new financial intermediaries, embedded services and the digitisation of the supply chain.

Security, Crime Prevention and Identity

Cybersecurity, financial crime prevention, KYC, system access management and control are areas that are in constant evolution. They are a key strategic priority for HSBC to protect our customers, our group and society in general against criminal activity.

Operational Efficiency

Technological innovation is the engine which powers operational efficiency gains and the impact it is having on financial services is unprecedented. SII has a particular focus on technologies that enable automation, industry wide utilities, new industry standards and processes (e.g. payments).