Our Innovation team identifies, incubates and accelerates new products and services to drive business growth and deliver excellent customer experiences. 

By combining specialised expertise with an extensive knowledge of external markets, we help our global business teams identify new and transformative opportunities. We provide ongoing project evaluation and coaching and explore opportunities to co-invest in disruptive tech programmes with key partners.

Our expertise ensures we’re at the forefront of innovation through continuous study, ideation and experimentation.

Latest insights

Quantum computers’ ‘ChatGPT moment’ is coming

The world is on the cusp of a quantum revolution and we must be ready for the opportunities and threats that will bring, says Philip Intallura.

Humans + machines = an ethical AI future

It’s vital that when humans and machines work together, artificial intelligence is used responsibly and ethically, says EJ Achtner.

The power of digital currency programmability

Bojan Obradovic believes the programmability of digital currency could be one of its key benefits – as well as one of its key risks.