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Harnessing the power of AI to fight financial crime

June 2024

Artificial intelligence is helping us find and tackle financial crime faster and more thoroughly than ever before, says Jennifer Calvery.

AI Regulations

March 2024

Policymakers worldwide are devising new regulations, seeking to promote innovation and mitigate potential adverse impacts of generative AI.

Quantum computers’ ‘Chat GPT moment’ is coming

March 2024

The world is on the cusp of a quantum revolution and we must be ready for the opportunities and threats that will bring, says Philip Intallura.

AI weather forecasting

March 2024

The increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events have stressed the importance of weather forecasting. artificial intelligence could raise forecast accuracy, potentially saving lives and significant climate damages.

Hong Kong Leads in Digital Assets Liquidity

March 2024

The Hong Kong government’s recent HK$6 billion digital green bonds issuance not only strengthens the city’s position as a global financial hub, but also signposts the future of capital markets.

Humans + machine = an ethical AI future

February 2024

It’s vital that when humans and machines work together, artificial intelligence is used responsibly and ethically, says EJ Achtner.

Funding the future: Biopharma and AI optimism

January 2024

Venture capital is an important source of funding for potentially transformative technologies. Biopharma and artificial intelligence are among the sectors attracting the most interest.

Digital Horizons report

January 2024

Working with renowned trend forecasters and interviewing leading technology experts, our Digital Horizons report unravels the four key trends shaping the business landscape between now and 2030.

The power of Digital currency programmability

December 2023

Bojan Obradovic believes the programmability of digital currency could be one of its key benefits – as well as one of its key risks.

Generative AI – Hype vs Reality

December 2023

Watch now as Mark McDonald, Head of Data Science and Analytics, and Piers Butler, Head of Global Research take a deep dive into the rapid transformations being driven by generative artificial intelligence (AI).

AI develops fast

November 2023

The pace of development in Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to be incredibly fast. We explore three key recent developments in our latest report.