HSBC’s Corporate Ventures team invests in early-stage technology companies at the leading edge of financial services to drive innovation at scale. These selective investments in businesses and partnerships help to enable digital transformation across HSBC. The team also work with leaders in HSBC by sharing forward-looking insights about the banking industry.

Our investment partners

Bud logo


Bud provides a white label platform for banks to offer customers access to third party fintech services utilising APIs.

Biocatch logo


BioCatch offers biometric identification technology that identifies users based on their digital physical behaviours to protect users from cybercrime.

Callsign logo


Callsign positively identifies users based on their inherent characteristics to deliver seamless and secure digital identification across every web, mobile and physical interaction.

Classique logo


Classiq brings together world-class experts in quantum computing software, computer-aided design, and computer science to revolutionise the process of creating quantum algorithms.

Cloudbees logo


CloudBees offers a cloud native DevSecOps platform that helps you deliver better, more secure and compliant software faster.

Consensys logo


Consensys offers a suite of products to unlock Web3, including MetaMask, Infura, Linea, Diligence, and Besu.

Contour logo


Contour connects corporates to all of their banks and trade ecosystem partners on a single, decentralised network.

Crowdstrike logo (exited)


Crowdstrike predicts attacks and prioritises vulnerabilities to enable security and IT operations to collaborate and proactively manage cyber risk.

Customer matrix logo (exited)


CustomerMatrix is an AI platform that aggregates and analyses data from internal and external sources to predict actionable commercial alerts/insights.

CXA Group logo


CXA group is a platform to match employees and employers with personalised health and wellbeing employee benefits.

Divido logo


Divido is a fast and flexible platform for lenders, retailers and channel partners to deliver retail finance.

Dowsure logo


Dowsure provides speedy, efficient and secure financing for cross-border e-commerce vendors.

Episode six logo


Episode 6 offers a software platform for businesses of all sizes to create and power new payments products.

Fano Labs

Fano Labs is a performance language AI company that specializes in speech and NLP technologies. Fano’s AI solutions are able to work in multilingual and mixed-language environments, helping enterprises enhance customer services, compliance, and other lines of business.

Kenna security logo (exited)

Kenna Security

Kenna Security predicts attacks and prioritises vulnerabilities to enable security and IT operations to collaborate and proactively manage cyber risk.

Know Your Thrid Party (KY3P) logo


KY3P is a centralised, cloud-based data hub that simplifies and standardises third party risk management processes.

Kyriba logo (exited)


Kyriba is a software focused on next generation SaaS treasury solutions e.g. cash and liquidity management, supply chain etc.

Lightico logo


Lightico is a digital tool that offers AI-powered document collection, eSignatures, ID verification and forms for various industries and workflows.

MediTrust logo


MediTrust is a leading online healthcare solution provider in China with an extensive network of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, hospitals and insurers.

Menlo security logo


Menlo is an isolation platform that prevents phishing attacks and malware from reaching their enterprise end point targets.

MioTech logo


MioTech integrates and analyses ESG data to help buy side companies obtain ESG insights and to help listed companies develop data-driven ESG reporting.

Monese logo


Monese is a leading pan-European fintech with a cutting edge Platform as a Service business and retail business that offers smart money services to millions of consumers across Europe.

Nova Credit logo

Nova Credit

Nova Credit is a consumer-permissioned credit bureau that helps businesses make fairer and more informed decisions on credit applicants.

Openfin logo


Openfin allows seamless deployment, interaction, and interoperability between applications to enhance workflows and increase efficiency.

Platfora logo (exited)


Platfora provides fully integrated software for the management of large and diverse data sets, including data exploration and visualisation.

Privitar logo (exited)


Privitar provides services for data masking and anonymisation, secure data sharing, and privacy-preserved data mining.

Quantexa logo


Quantexa is a platform to detect financial crime using real-time entity resolution and network analysis.

R3 logo


R3 is a distributed ledger technology company that leads a consortium of financial services firms in research and development of blockchain usage in the financial system.

Silent Eight logo

Silent Eight

Silent Eight is a technology company leveraging AI to create compliance platforms for the world’s leading financial institutions. Their mission is to empower their clients in their fight to eliminate financial crime.

Solidatus logo


Solidatus unlocks the true business value behind data. A lineage-first approach enables organisations to connect and visualise data relationships across the enterprise, simplifying how they identify, access and understand them.

STOIC logo


Stoic is an in-memory linearly scalable data analysis engine capable of scaling to very large data sets which allows business users to perform big data analysis with an ‘Excel-style’ user interface.

Supplyshift logo (exited)


Supplyshift is a supply chain transparency and responsibility software that helps navigate complex global supply chains and evolving regulations with ease.

Trade Information Network logo

Trade Information

Trade Information provides a centralised platform for banks and corporates to access transactional data, facilitating interactions across banks, buyers and suppliers.

Tradshift logo


Tradeshift is a global business-to-business platform that helps enterprises run more efficiently by using cloud-based technology to transform processes like invoicing, workflow, and supplier financing.