Selected Recent Investments

Venture Investments

Kenna Security

Vulnerability Risk Management

Series D: November 2019

Predicts attacks and prioritises vulnerabilities to enable security and IT operations to collaborate and proactively manage cyber risk.

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Operating System for Financial Desktops

Series C: November 2019

Allows seamless deployment, interaction, and interoperability between applications to enhance workflows and increase efficiency.

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Enterprise Jenkins Platform for DevOps

Series E: May 2019

Extends the functionality of the most popular open source DevOps tools, ‘Jenkins’, with the functionality required for large enterprises.

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CXA Group

Employee Health and Wellbeing Platform

Convertible Note: March 2019

Platform to match employees and employers with personalised health / wellbeing employee benefits

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Open Banking Service Platform

Series A: November 2018

Provides white label platform for banks to offer customers access to third party FinTech services utilising APIs.

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Endpoint Security

IPO: June 2019

Series E-1: September 2018

Cloud-based endpoint cybersecurity platform to detect and respond to threats.

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Capital Markets DLT Infrastructure

Series B: September 2018

Provides full stack Capital Markets DLT solutions e.g. smart contract development

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Menlo Security

Phishing Attack and Malware Prevention

Series D: March 2019

Series C: November 2017

Protects organisations from cyber-attacks by seeking to eliminate the threat of malware from the web, documents and email through isolation.

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Data Analytics Solution to Tackle Financial Crime

Series B: July 2018

Series A: March 2017

Platform to detect financial crime using real-time entity resolution and network analysis.

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Enabler of Full Online Customer Journey

Series B: October 2018

Series A: October 2016

Screen‐sharing, video‐calling and online document management platform for a seamless customer engagement process, from pre-sales to execution.

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Buyer-Supplier Network

Series E-1: May 2018

Series D: February 2016

Global business‐to‐business platform that helps enterprises run more efficiently by using cloud‐based technology to transform processes like invoicing, workflow, and supplier financing.

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Big Data Analytics

Exit: July 2016

Series C-2: December 2015

Big data management and exploration tool. It provides fully integrated software for the management of large and diverse data sets, including data exploration and visualisation. Platfora was acquired by WorkDay Inc. in July 2016.

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Treasury Management SaaS

Exit: March 2019 via M&A

Series D-1: September 2017

Series D: September 2016

Series C: April 2015

Software focussed on next generation SaaS treasury solutions e.g. cash and liquidity management, supply chain etc.

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Consortium Investments

Trade Information Network

GTRF Data Exchange

Consortium Round 1: September 2019

Provides a centralised platform for banks and corporates to access transactional data facilitating interactions across banks, buyers and suppliers.

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Visible Alpha

Market Data & Research Platform

Consortium Round 2: May 2019

Consortium Round 1: March 2018

Platform and tools for institutional investors to understand analyst models, underlying data and assumptions.

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Digital Trade Chain Shared Platform

Consortium Round 3: September 2019

Consortium Round 2: October 2018

Consortium Round 1: February 2018

Aims to facilitate and finance trade between SMEs in Western Europe.

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Utility for Vendor Management

Consortium Round 1: June 2017

Centralised, cloud-based data hub that simplifies and standardises third party risk management processes.

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Distributed Ledger Technology Consortium

Consortium Round 1: April 2017

Distributed ledger technology company that leads a consortium of financial services firms in research and development of blockchain usage in the financial system.

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Utility for Bond Trading

Consortium Round 1: July 2016

Allows bond market participants to exchange pre and post trade data through industry standard workflow and FIX API.

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Communication Platform for Trading

Consortium Round 5: June 2019

Consortium Round 4: April 2018

Consortium Round 3: April 2017

Consortium Round 1: October 2014

Provides an open architecture communication platform for financial services.

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